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My word of the year. Determined.

2020 changed me

2021 opened my eyes

2022 determination will get me to where I am meant to be

Spring of 2020 we hit a pandemic, a time where creative souls had to pause/give up OR think outside the box & go for it. Going for it is exactly what I did. You see, this business of mine is a full time job for me. It provides food for my family, a roof over our heads, vacations, clothes, savings accounts. So when that paused in March of 2020, I froze.....for a moment then got to work & brainstormed ways I can still be at home but bring in the income I need to keep our lifestyle going. Before having our third babe, I taught...I traveled all over the United States teaching photographers how to succeed in their passion. I LOOOOVED it, it gave me that fire I was missing in my business. Watching women have that "ah-ha" moment, magical! January of 2015, I flew to California & hosted an AH-MAZING workshop, ugh the beaches there are just breathtaking. BUT I was also nauseous, exhausted, dizzy....I for sure thought it was the change in time zone or lack of sleep but little did I know we had our third babe growing in my belly & of course, that changed my outlook on all things teaching & traveling. You see, we were not expecting to ever get pregnant again. She was a surprise for us, our boys were 9 & 5 when we found out. So things paused for my business.

(here I am teaching in California, one of my favorite workshops!)

2015 a third baby came. 2016 we moved from Indiana to Florida. Slowly got back to working from 2017-2019 & built my business back up & it felt great. Then...2020 hit. Just when you think you have a hold of things something can come along in life that can either break you or change you. I let 2020 change me.

Here we are in Jacksonville Beach April 2020, getting sunshine/beach air & trying our best to figure out what the heck is happening hah!

2020 changed me or maybe it actually just brought back the old me that was missing. Spring of that year I started teaching again, creating mobile presets & online photography guides for cell phone users. I even hosted an outdoor beach workshop when things "opened" back up a bit. It reunited me with the passion that I once had for teaching others who have the same love for photography as I do.

Can we fast forward a bit haha, moving onto 2021 & January hits -> I am booking clients like CRAAAZY! Everyone wants to be outside, photographing your family is a must have, we needed to capture these memories & 2021 was my biggest year yet!!! So incredibly grateful for that, it was a much needed comeback from 2020!

So here is where the part of 2021 opened my eyes, my 15 year older went from being a kid to a full grown teenager & it hit me like a ton of bricks. Where has time gone, what happened from 2015-2019 when we added a 3rd kid to the mix/moved/built back a business?!?! Summer coming to an end & I had a lot of reflection going on in my head, where did I want my business to go. Do I continue to keep going? I had the urge, gut feeling, mama instincts to make sure I am home with them.

I decided to take a step back (yes, during the fall of my busiest time of year ha!) & figure out what I wanted out of this business, instead of feeling the the business was taking from me.

I wanted to teach again, I missed it deep into my soul.

2021 opened my eyes in such a way that I know now the WHY & HOW I can connect with my family & my clients. You guys, when I say this know that I am screaming it...I HAVE THE VERY BEST CLIENTS OUT THERE. Over 200 solid clients each year book me over & over & over again & that is pretty freaking amazing! I am successful at what I do because I love it, so here I am.


Determined to pursue my passion of teaching other women, other mothers, other female photographers that you CAN build a business of your dreams while gaining the freedom you deserve.


Showing up for my clients in the way they need me even if that may look a little different. I am determined to show up for them while soaking in the the last 3 years of my (almost) 16 year older's life under my roof. I cry just thinking of it. Ugh, my kiddos mean the world to me & I thank God each day that he gave me a talent to be successful & present for my family while serving others. I am a photographer to over 200 families who get it & have my back. Pretty freaking incredible.

So bring it 2022.

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